Puff Media Hosts Vibrant TikTok Super Brand Day Event at New York Content Hub

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Puff Media proudly hosted a vibrant TikTok Super Brand Day event at our New York Content Hub in Industry City, Brooklyn. Featuring the innovative skincare brand, The Ordinary, this event attracted top creators and influencers eager to engage with the latest trends in digital content creation.

Held on June 21st, the event was designed to inspire and empower creators. We prepared specially designed sets for attendees to create shoppable content, allowing them to showcase The Ordinary’s newest TikTok-exclusive products in a dynamic and engaging way. These sets were crafted to help creators produce compelling content that resonates with their audiences and drives brand awareness.

In addition to the shoppable content sets, we set up dedicated live rooms to help creators prepare for their live-streaming sessions. These rooms provided the perfect environment for both novice and seasoned live streamers to enhance their digital presence and engage with their followers in real time.

"Our TikTok Super Brand Day event was a fantastic success," said Nikki, Community Manager at Puff Media. "We aimed to create an immersive experience that combines creativity with strategic brand promotion. This event is just one example of how we support creators in elevating their content and brand interactions."

The event also included exclusive discounts on The Ordinary products, networking opportunities, and a live content challenge, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants. Refreshments were provided throughout the day to keep the energy high and creativity flowing.

This event marks just the beginning. Puff Media is committed to continuously enhancing and expanding our event offerings to provide a diverse range of live and content creation opportunities. Our mission is to connect creators with leading brands, fostering collaborations that drive sales and engagement.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Tony Peng from OASIQ for providing the stunning outdoor furniture that enhanced the ambiance of our event, as well as Charles Clesca and Ashley Amerisier for their invaluable contributions.

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