Expanding Horizons: Puff Media's Strategic Growth at Industry City

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Puff Media is pleased to announce a significant expansion of our operations at Industry City, Brooklyn. Embracing our growth trajectory, we have transitioned from a modest 1,850 square feet to a substantial 15,329 square feet space on the fifth floor of Building 6. This move is a testament to our burgeoning success and the increasing demand for our innovative social media consulting services.

Starting out with viral cat videos, founders Lynch and Ming Zhang have skillfully guided Puff Media from its humble beginnings to a globally recognized brand with offices both in Brooklyn and Hong Kong. Our new, larger space at Industry City will support our growing team and expanding operations, allowing us to further enhance the services we provide to our clients worldwide.

Industry City has been our home for over three years, and this expansion within the same complex reflects our commitment to the local community and our belief in the synergistic environment that Industry City offers. This location not only allows us to maintain the strong relationships we’ve built but also gives us room to forge new connections and explore new opportunities.

Our move also aligns with the dynamic growth seen across Industry City, which continues to attract a diverse mix of businesses, from live streaming platforms to interior remodeling firms, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

We are excited about the opportunities that our new space will bring and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional social media expertise from our enhanced location in Brooklyn. For more details on our expansion and future plans, please visit our website or contact our media relations team.

For further information, you can check out the original article on Commercial Observer here.

Photo credit: Industry City


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