The Next Big Thing: Shoppable Content

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Workshop Time: 02/12/2024, 3:30 PM EST.


Short video & Live streaming

In shoppable short videos and live streaming, creators are given the opportunity to earn from their creativity by engaging audiences with dynamic product showcases. Leverage your TikTok expertise to deliver compelling demonstrations in short videos, and interact with your audience in live streams to create a new shopping experience!

What's Shoppable Content?

The Power of Shoppertainment. Credit: TikTok Shop

Embrace the revolution of shoppable content in the age of Shoppertainment. This innovative approach transcends traditional shopping funnels by seamlessly merging entertainment with instant purchasing. Join the movement with Shopping Content, where your engaging content captivates and conveniently converts views into sales, redefining the shopping experience.

What's available now?

Each social platform is at different stages for their own shopping feature, here we have collected some updates for creators to stay tuned:

TikTok E-commerce Access

Open to creators ​with 5,000+ followers;

Product tagging, store front available;

Sample request available;

In-app checkout available.

YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program

Open to creators with 20K+ subscribers;

Product tagging available;

Sample request NOT available;

In-app checkout NOT available;

Meta Shopping (with Amazon)

Meta announced it's partnership with Amazon on developing a whole new shopping experience for users, but not enough details have been shared.


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